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Maldaba announced in cohort 2 of Digital Health.London Accelerator

Maldaba are delighted to announce we are now part of the Digital Health.London Accelerator. We are one of the companies in cohort 2 of the Accelerator, which was announced on September the 7th, 2017. Maldaba were selected as one of the successful 30 out of 127 applications, because of our project My Health Guide, providing service change and digital technology to empower people with learning disabilities to be more in control of their healthcare. Read More

Camden Coders #2 – What is Digital Healthcare?

It's the seemingly simple questions, isn't it? Ever wondered what "Digital Healthcare" actually means? In the second of our Camden Coders series, Maldaba Director Mark Clements reflects on what we mean by the term and the implication of this for the future. In true Maldaba-style, he does this by going back over a hundred years! (After all, understanding where we came from tells us a lot about where we might end-up.) Read More

Maldaba wins Best Web Development Award

We're really happy to announce that Maldaba has won the Softech Intl 2017 Awards for 'Best Web Development Boutique - London'. Softech structure their awards to recognise "the most innovative and dynamic firms throughout the industry that offer unique and versatile solutions and support to their clients" and we're certainly delighted to have received an award that speaks so clearly to our own ethos and approach to working with our customers. Read More

Imperial College Students Complete Arsenic Presentation

In 2016 Lorenzo Gordon from Maldaba worked with Imperial College London. It was an entertaining collaboration between Lorenzo, director of Maldaba Ltd. and Professor Dominik Weiss, to guide undergraduate students in producing a presentation and in learning how to communicate with a non-scientific audience. Professor Weiss is Professor of Environmental Geochemistry at Imperial's Faculty of Engineering, in the Department of Earth Science & Engineering. The undergraduates were learning about Arsenic in the environment, its life-cycle and its effect on humans. A strong part of Professor Weiss's work also revolves around how research and academic information is communicated to the wider world, and for this he turned to Maldaba. Read More

Camden Coders #1 – Digital Healthcare Barriers

Welcome to the first instalment of our new Camden Coders series! In the series we celebrate Maldaba's north London origins (both Mark and Lorenzo are local Camden boys, after all), and look at different perspectives, aspects and predictions for the future of digital technology, Maldaba-style! Our first post looks at the barriers to the widespread adoption of digital healthcare based on Maldaba's experiences since 2002 working on digital healthcare research and front-line work with the likes of UCL, King's College London, Imperial, the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, the NHS (especially in Brighton and Yorkshire), the University of Sydney in Australia, a number of hospitals in Denmark, Brook, the Family Planning Association, Westminster Drug Project, the Richmond Fellowship and Together for Mental Wellbeing, to name but a few! Read More

Catching the eye with Maldaba

An ambitious, fast growing Camden-based technology firm knows exactly what it’s doing when it comes to helping big brands and major sporting spectacles catch the eye. Maldaba Ltd, established in 2002 by co-founders and school friends Lorenzo Gordon and Mark Clements, has a clear, strategic focus on developing integrated digital health solutions but it also boasts a great track record of working with established brands such as McDonalds, British Airways, Diageo, GM Motors and the Tate Gallery. Read More

Radio Humberside News features My Health Guide Humber Trial

Radio Humberside featured My Health Guide in their news bulletins on the 27th November 2016, shortly after we realised our initial data analysis of the Humber NHS trial of 200 users with My Health Guide. The article featured throughout the day, along with snippets of an interview Radio Humberside carried-out with Dennis Barron, the father of one of the trial users, Carl. Read More

Maldaba are the Good Guys

Maldaba are the ‘good guys’ according to Hope Caton and Robin Bell, founding directors of London-based start up digital health technology firm Healthy Games. Hope and Robin approached Maldaba with a view to creating a data capture system for their Cigbreak mobile phone game which encourages smokers to kick the habit by breaking cigarettes. Read More

Maldaba as Your Public Sector Partner

Here's a question we are often asked when we are short-listed for public sector procurement: why Maldaba? It's a fair question. We want those people in charge of of public resources and money to thoroughly check out who they engage with. There are lots of IT and software companies out there who, like Maldaba, are UK-based, have a great track record, offer value-for-money, and produce great quality results. So, why Maldaba? Read More

Cigbreak Case Study: Break the Smoker’s Habit

A games developer from London has developed a mobile phone game called ‘Cigbreak’ aimed at smokers wanting to quit the habit. Cigbreak has been developed by Hope Caton, writer of the global hit video game TombRaider IV: The Last Revelation. Together with business partner Robin Bell, they have formed Healthy Games with the aim of making games that improve health. Read More