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Do you need a ‘one single source of truth’ system that significantly reduces high admin costs? Or a bespoke portal than empowers people with disabilities to live more independent lives?

Whatever the complexities of the challenges, Maldaba works with people at all levels in Local Authorities to co-design and build software that delivers people-focused long-term change

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Maldaba’s adaptability, clear communication and understanding of user needs and pressures were all critical to making rapid progress amid changing hospital discharge guidance and the pandemic.

Edmund Willis – Care and Health Improvement Programmed, Local Government Association

A range of pressures

Local Authority operations leaders are under pressure to provide sophisticated and user-friendly digital services to their residents despite many lacking the resources and expertise to implement these technologies effectively.

This is just one of a number of challenges operations leaders face, including:

Red pulse
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What software solutions can help Local Authorities deliver services more efficiently?

Many Local Authorities waste huge amounts of time and cost on wasteful admin processes. A ‘one single source of truth’ software system can significantly reduce waste and frustration by providing one constantly up-to-date version of a document or spreadsheet rather than a baffling variety containing out-of-date or conflicting information that leads to errors.

Equally, automation can enable Local Authorities to gather and analyse data more effectively, thereby making it easier to make informed decisions about resource allocation and service provision that improve lives.

Breakdowns in communication between partners like the NHS, care providers and transport are often a hindrance to seamless delivery of services. Any technology partner must therefore have experience in building multi-partner communication tools that, for example, eradicate the risk of care packages going to waste or transport providers needlessly waiting outside for patients who aren’t ready to leave hospital.

There’s also an increasing demand for bespoke online portals that empower people with learning or other disabilities to live independently and safely in homes of their own.

People-focused solutions co-designed with frontline workers

Whether helping residents improve their day-to-day lives, transforming processes or improving multi-partner communication, any technology must create a real step-change in improving the delivery of Local Authority services.

Vitally, any solution must work for – and be co-designed by – frontline workers. They’re the ones that will be using the technology on a daily basis or seeing it in use. They are the people best placed to assess and test whether the technology will deliver meaningful long-term impact, whether that’s reducing stress on them or helping improve residents’ daily lives.

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Ready to collaborate with us and solve your problems with software that delivers long-term impact?

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a team of highly experienced developers, designers, and project managers with expertise in web development, app development, data management, digital transformation, and integration with third-party systems.

We work closely with Local Authority operations leaders to develop innovative and user-friendly software solutions designed to solve complex problems, make processes more efficient and, ultimately, deliver long-term impactful change for human end-users.

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