Catching the eye with Maldaba

By Lorenzo 14th February, 2017

Software Development, Technical Partner

An ambitious, fast growing Camden-based technology firm knows exactly what it’s doing when it comes to helping big brands and major sporting spectacles catch the eye.

Maldaba Ltd, established in 2002 by co-founders and school friends Lorenzo Gordon and Mark Clements, has a clear, strategic focus on developing integrated digital health solutions but it also boasts a great track record of working with established brands such as McDonalds, British Airways, Diageo, GM Motors and the Tate Gallery.

MD Lorenzo took up the story: “We are known in the main for our skills within the healthcare and housing sectors but we regularly work with well-known companies on pioneering technology projects that require a bit of ‘outside the box’ thinking.

“A perfect case in point was during the 2012 London Olympic Games when we worked with games partner McDonalds to display all of the event results on a giant screen in Picadilly in the heart of the capital.

“The project involved integrating with Facebook to provide personalised messages of encouragement with photos, and support for the athletes taking part and to deliver the latest medal winning performances and statistics.

“It was a very exciting project to be involved with and we ran a similar style campaign with the Tate Gallery in 2015 involving two huge digital advertising boards above the M4’s Hammersmith Flyover promoting the latest exhibitions. The messages and paintings displayed on the digital boards responded in real-time to traffic conditions, the weather, and recent arrivals at Heathrow airport.

“Over the course of 2016 we provided technology for both GM Motors and Fox Entertainment on timezoned advertising campaigns in the USA. There were technical challenges to overcome but that’s our forte.

“We’re dedicated to creative thinking outside of the box that enables technology to come to life for some of the biggest brands around!” added Lorenzo.

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