Programming Languages

We are, first and foremost, PHP programmers. We’ve been using PHP as our main development language for over a decade and have a huge wealth of experience and expertise. Our own proprietary framework is built in PHP.

Because we work with the web, we’re also very experienced JavaScript programmers. We use jQuery usually, as our JS framework of choice. It’s light, efficient, and the availability of plug-ins never disappoints.

Whilst PHP and JavaScript make up the bulk of our coding work, we have expertise in other languages, the most relevant being Flash/ActionScript and Unix shell scripting.

Markup Languages

The main building blocks of any web-based application are HTML (or XHTML) for the content and document semantics, and CSS for the presentation. All of our CSS is hand-written, as is most of our HTML, with the focus on standards compliance and accessibility.

We use the Smarty templating engine to help us maintain a good separation between business and presentation logic (vital, even in a small company like ours) and for its simplified language structure which greatly speeds up development.

We are also experienced in reading and generating data using most of the common data-exchange formats currently in use, e.g. XML, CSV, etc.