Maldaba’s Application Framework

We have developed our own proprietary application framework which we generally prefer to use, unless the project specifically requires otherwise. Why do this, given there are a number of well-respected open source options to choose form?

Firstly, those open source alternatives are very good (some are brilliant) but with any framework (including our own) there always comes a point when you come across a limitation that stops you in your tracks. At that point you either abandon the task as ‘impossible’ (not a word in our vocabulary), fix the problem yourself (difficult, when faced with several megabytes of someone else’s code) or report a bug and wait for an updated version (slow, and not helpful to our customers). Because we use our own framework, we can quickly amend it to handle whatever we need.

Secondly, we work in a particular way, using methodologies and workflows developed over many years. Our own framework is without a doubt the one best suited to how we work, since we built it to be like that. Because the framework matches our working practices so well, projects can get up and running very quickly.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we’re technologists and we’re responsible for what we deliver. Using our own framework means that we understand both the framework and also PHP incredibly well, better than we could ever hope to do otherwise.

Our clients rely upon the stability of our work so we understand how important it is that the framework is solid, stable and elegant in its design.