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KnowledgeShare Case Study: It’s Good to Share…and Care

It's good to share. Even better when it's in the interest of the health and well-being of the nation as well as the ongoing professional development of NHS staff. KnowledgeShare, a web application created by Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust and built by software developers Maldaba Ltd., is achieving just that and word is spreading fast! Read More

Graphing with jqPlot

I recently worked on the Red Light Green Light project for our client the Vaccine Confidence Project, at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.  Red Light Green Light is a Gates-funded application for helping hospitals in Uganda see what services they can improve on based on rapid patient feedback. We created web-based browser analytics dashboard that aggregates patient responses. For example how did the patient find the hospital service, was their doctor was helpful, and so on. Read More

My Health Guide Phase 1 Completion

In October 2014 Maldaba won an SBRI Healthcare development contract.  This was a 6-month Phase 1 feasibility project to produce a truly innovative technical solution for helping learning-disabled adults better manage their healthcare, be part of the decision-making process regarding their healthcare, and feel empowered that their views and wishes were taken into account by carers and health professionals. Read More

Thinking about key names in PHP

I recently had to write some code which built quite a large structured array in PHP. I know that PHP performs some amount of internal variable optimisation - for example copying a variable by value won't create a new instance of that variable's contents in memory until the variable is modified, which keeps the memory footprint down for a lot of common situations. Read More

You rolled your own framework? Really?

One of the questions I get from pretty much every new developer that we hire is "Why did you write your own framework?  Why don't you just use X?", where X is the whatever PHP framework is currently flavour of the month. Read More

The ins and outs of 12 months at Maldaba

It's been a little over a year since I joined Maldaba as a developer. My previous employer was a sizeable publishing house with a large web presence. My tasks are much the same here but while Maldaba has some very large clients, the company itself is rather small. The transition from a large company to a smaller one presented me with some challenges but also with a more efficient and more enjoyable work environment. Read More

Dwell Goes Live!

We're delighted to announce today the first live instance of our new Housing Management Software, Dwell! Designed in developed with CDS Co-operatives and LILAC in 2012, the system is now live and LILAC are beginning to use it in preparation for moving-in to their new eco-homes in Leeds in a few weeks. Read More

Maldaba Awarded NHS Knowledge System Contract

We're very proud to have been awarded the contract for delivering KnowledgeShare Web project for Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust.  Following a competitive tender process, Maldaba were selected as the approved supplier, just in time for Christmas! Read More

My Contraception Tool Goes Live

Maldaba are very pleased (and proud) to announce that our latest project, My Contraception Tool (MCT), is now live!  Representing an 18-month collaboration with Brook, the Family Planning Association (FPA) and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), MCT is a ground-breaking free-to-use web application for contraceptive decision making, sponsored by the Department of Health and featured on the NHS Choices website. Read More