How we help

Blending strategic thinking and tactical expertise, we encourage product teams to flourish in the digital age.

Our product range

Like other software development companies we do have a range of off-the-shelf or customisable products.

We also offer bespoke software for clients who require tailor-made solutions.

Our application framework greatly speeds up this development process, and our holistic approach helps us to fully understand our customers’ requirements and needs. Maldaba develop software tools to operate alongside existing offline processes, resulting in an integrated and natural solution.

Our post-delivery technical support maintains our relationship with clients, providing continuity and stability over the lifetime of our software.

See what housing co-operative LILAC have to say about the experience of working with Maldaba to create innovative housing management software Dwell: housing technology for the 21st century:


We often work with clients just on a consultancy basis.

We help them identify areas for improvement in working practices that may have developed informally over many years.

We advise on where and how the right software could dramatically improve efficiencies. Typically this forms the start of any engagement but is also a stand-alone area of expertise. Clients tend to find it very helpful.

Until I sat and talked to Lorenzo and Mark our database issues seemed like a big black cloud. Their knowledge, insight and ability to explain how we could improve things was a revelation. They turned the indigestible into the highly palatable.

Mark Young, Retriever New Business Ltd

Technical Partner

We partner with other organisations, providing technical expertise to support companies and their clients. Read more about how Maldaba can work as your technical partner.

Watch Ben Skinner from Brighton & Sussex University Hospital NHS Trust talk about working with Maldaba as technical partner on the KnowledgeShare project:


Maldaba offer training sessions for all our products. We have developed a variety of training sessions aimed at users with different levels of experience and competency.

Technical Support

Maldaba offer a range of technical support contracts. These usually refer to software we have provided (and are an optional extra when purchasing our software) but can also include more general support for an organisation that does not have in-house technical expertise.

In addition, Maldaba are available as consultants to help our customers use our off-the-shelf software to maximum effect.